Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congrats Mr. Obama!

Seriously - I am ready for this change!!!

I avoided watching tv all day yesterday, as to not get sucked into the pre-decision madness that takes over on Election Day. It's such a flurry of information and I had better things to do.

But, when it boils down to the end of the day, I turned onto the news channel to see that Obama was ahead. But more importantly, in Massachusetts the 3 ballot questions were more on my mind.
Question 1 - Abolish the State's Income taxes
Question 2 - De-criminalize marijuana - if caught with an ounce or less, no criminal punishment
Question 3 - Abolish Greyhound dog racing

If Massachusetts had voted to get rid of our state's income taxes, quite frankly, I might have been out of a job (as well as MANY OTHERS!). Since what I do for a living relies on state contracts, the devastation would have been a terrible. BUT, thankfully, Mass voters were smart to see this was a reckless idea and voted it down. I'll pay my state income taxes thank-you, to keep services afloat for those in need!

As for the marijuana - not my thing, but as a criminal justice/law junkie...I've always believed that marijuana should be legalized in some manner...because the amount of money taxpayers pay to put a pot-user in jail or prison is excessive. Worry about the big guns, not the potheads!

AND, my most beloved question of all.....ABOLISH GREYHOUND RACING! I live in Revere, so I understand the impact this will make on our community. But there has to be a better way folks, to make money. Put in slot machines, put in a casino, I don't care. But NO MORE MAKING MAKING MONEY OFF OF RACING ANIMALS! I've NEVER been a supporter of animal racing. Whether it be horses or dogs. And do NOT tell me that these precious animals are all adopted after they retire and that they live a great life in the kennels.

It's been tough living in a house where I am so liberal and Paul is so conservative. The conversations and rhetoric are so thick you need a chainsaw to get through it. Paul used to work at the dog track many years ago and he believes these dogs were treated great, lived a great life in their crates and that they were very well taken care of. But then, this comes from a man who thinks it's ok to put a racing animal (that needs to stretch and run and exercise) in a crate so small they can barely stand up and move around. BUT, it's over now and I am damn glad to see dog racing in my community GONE!

...And as for Sarah Palin....GOODBYE!


~Kristen~ said...

AMEN!!!!!! To everything you said!!! Rock on President Obama!!!

Penny said...

After seeing the condition of the two greyhounds my sister rescued right off the track, I couldn't be happier to know that dog racing will be GONE, GONE, GONE in another year. I won't go into it here, just know it was heartbreaking. Thank God that nightmare is on the way to being over.