Monday, December 8, 2008

17 ...and that's probably what the temperature is too!

BURR! Chilly willy outside around these parts this morning! I don't mind it until about February!

OH, I did do my Christmas cards yesterday, made about 6 and gave up. I should have ordered them from MSPCA and saved myself the hassle...If I don't get my cards "made" before Thanksgiving, it turns into a fiasco for me.

ALSO, am looking for ideas of something to do for my staff this year for the holidays. For the last 3 Christmas's, I have made the clear glass ornaments and filled them with holiday paper that is all rolled up inside (you scrappers know what I'm talking about) and since most of these folks have been with me for the last 3 Christmas's, its time for a change. Any ideas on something cool, inexpensive to make for about 17 people. I do have 4 male staff that work for me, the rest are female. I try to avoid doing food such as cookies and baked goods.

Your thoughts???

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