Sunday, January 4, 2009

Digi Life

OK, so I have WAY TOO MANY digi scrapbooking supplies - but it's all good. Funny thing is, I slowly stopped buying more and more because I hated unzipping the files I had like 20 zipped files that needed to be extracted and put in their place and then I go into ACDSee and organize them. Finally I downloaded an unzipping program at and got a cool, super easy to use program called 7-Zip. I unloaded those 20 files and had them organized in 10 minutes whereas it used to take me over an hour.

Betcha cared to know that, huh!

Happy Sunday!

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faery-wings said...

Tanya- that is a great feeling isn't it- getting all of that organizing done so quickly? I love ACDSee PM!
Is that program 7-zip easier to use for extracting than using the Extract feature in Photo Manager?