Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good morning!

Day 3 of being on Weight Watchers and the last 2 days went VERY WELL! I fought off hunger and it felt good! By picking better foods to stay with me longer, I didn't go through the cupboards like a ravenous animal looking for some grub! ::::pat on the back::::

I did go swimming yesterday, too. Every few months I sign up for aqua aerobics at the YMCA - this is the 3rd go around but I bet I haven't been more than a handful of times. Work, school and life got in the way...the problem with that is: I LET IT. I'm trying to find that "balance" (there's my word of the year!) between life and work and soon I'll throw school back in the mix (in 2 weeks). I need to learn to take the "ME" time when I need it. I need to learn that work will be ok without me for an hour. My staff at work know that all they have to do is call and I go running and it's very hard to break that habit and not go running and then they get mad and bitter that I am making them hold up a structure of the house until I get there. BALANCE is crucial and I'm learning that I cannot do EVERYTHING.

Speaking of school...I got 3 A's and 1 B last semester. WOW! I was so happy, but I also knew/felt the overwhelming amount of work it took to get there! I was so overwhelmed/stressed/freaked out last semester, I decided that I was going to cut back and finish out my last 4 classes over the course of the next year. 2 classes this Spring, 1 in Summer and 1 in the Fall. I'll be done by December next year. I'm in no rush, there's no jobs right now anyways for us newbie paralegals.

Another friend of mine was laid off from her job on Monday. Every time I turn around people continue losing their jobs. Will say a prayer for her everyday that she can bounce back quickly.


Penny said...

Congrats on Day 3 (and continued kudos from my earlier comment)! Congrats on your grades! Fingers crossed for your out-of-work friend. What kinds of work are this person looking for? I have a pretty good network of connections. It's part of the reason I'm expanding my skills, things are too if-y out there. Skinny breakfast sometime soon??

~Kristen~ said...

Way to go with school and WW! Lord knows I need to be doing the same thing!!! I just read your comment on my blog about the photowalks in Boston. I have heard of those and always wanted to try it!!! Let's definitely do one!!!