Thursday, January 8, 2009


I think everyone I know would be shocked to hear that I am dead sick of winter already! The snow, the ice, the cold and the wind have succumbed me to hatred this year already!!! Too much, too soon! More to boot on Saturday. I need some Prozac.

Day 4 of WW...yesterday was a struggle. I was seriously hungry from noon on. But, I kept on truckin'. I wrote everything I ate down, still only went a couple points over which pulled points from my Weekly Points Allowance (an extra 35 you get to pull from, whenever during the week). I went to the YMCA on Tuesday for Aqua Aerobics, I shoveled snow/slush/ice for a good 30 min. yesterday and I'm off to the YMCA again this morning.

Ta Ta for now...I have to go defrost my car.

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