Friday, January 16, 2009

Hanging in there...

SUCCESS! I did in fact, get the urine sample and dropped it off to the vet on Wed. morning. M-Th was such a blur. I'm still waiting on the results to see where we go from here.

In the meantime, I went to the library to get one of my favorite books, one which I have somehow misplaced or borrowed to someone. Complete Guide to Natural Health for Cats & Dogs by Dr. Richard Pitcairn. I knew that there was a great section in there about Feline Kidney Failure as I had remembered reading it many years ago, and also referring to it when my friends' cat got the same diagnosis back in like 2002 or somewhere around there. We also referred to this book when my Rottweiler, Scorpio, was diagnosed with Erlichiosis and his kidneys were shutting down, as well as his liver, eyesight and everything else. The knowledge I gained from this book put new life into that dog. It didn't save Figaro's life (my friends' cat), his disease, at 7 years of age progressed too too fast, even with a diet change and Sub Q fluids daily.

Right now, what I know is this. Smokie's diet will need to change to something with less protein and phosphates. Whether I find a dry cat food that Smokie will eat and provides all that or I start making my own and adding vitamins in with it, providing Smokie will eat it. I'm still researching.

Smokie's energy seems a bit up. Might be because of the nose drops we got for him to help clear up that snotty nose. He just seems a little more alert.

I took a much needed long weekend. Like I said, this week was a blur, really. it's a lot of work to take time off at work, so much to plan out, so much to do. But, I got done what needed to be done, so I could just sit at home for the next 5 days and relax. I grabbed a few other books at the library too. School starts next week for me again.

More news as I get it. Thanks for listening!

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