Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

[begin rant]
How did you bring in your New Year last night? Did you go out and have a few too many? Did you stay home and cozy up with your favorite somebody? Or did you bring in the New Year with a few friends?

I didn't do any of those, in fact the original plan was to hang at a friends house and everyone bring food and drink, then that never got off the ground. Then we were going to go out to eat and then come back and hang with some friends. Then we got plowed with a ton of snow and most plans went to shit, just like the whole damn day and night. The last plan I knew was that some of our friends might swing by later.

I must have shoveled what felt like another 20" of snow at work yesterday, I was tired and my shoulder hurt, but for the sake of work and safety, it's what I do. But I took precautions to avoid being too tired later and hurting (IB 800 + diet coke) so that I could stay up with Paul, with the intention that we had friends still stopping by later. (Great friends, THANKS!)

I made hot wings and we snacked on those + some chips and we played iTunes from our iPhones on the stereo and reminisced of the 80's and 90's.

By 930pm, Paul had a few too many to stay awake, he went to bed and was snoring by 945PM.

It was me and the cats. I started to get a ton of texts wishing me Happy New Years from my friends and I started to become a little anxious and emotional. The ball dropped, tears rolled down my face a little, it was a new year after all...and I brought it in semi-alone, with my loving cats and a snoring boyfriend. Then I ate Rice Krispies... (I'm not MAD, I'm heavily disappointed)

Abby + catnip and she starts showing her lolly...

I'll be back later today with my resolutions + One Little Word for the year...because when I get it narrowed down, I'm going to order a custom ring from Liz Eaton with my word on it, to wear!

[end rant]

Totally diggin' the Ting Tings!


Penny said...

I'm sorry your evening was a disappointment. I won't tell you about ours. Thanks for your midnight message, I hope you got my return (which was fashioned with a significant amount of vodka). LOVE the ring, just LOVE it! {big hug}

~Kristen~ said...

My New Years Eve wasn't any more exciting. In fact, I think most of the people I know had nights like you described. Eh, what to do? I am just focusing now on the fact that it is a fresh new year! Hopefully some time we can get together and scrap! :-)