Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy (almost) New Year!

Was looking back on my 2008 Resolutions to see how I fared...

1. Be more organic - as in be more simple, healthful, natural and close to nature
2. Get out and do what I love to do
3. Lose weight
4. Prepare to be back in school for August

I definitely simplified my life, was a bit more healthy and natural, not so sure about nature though. Not sure what I was thinking about nature...maybe walks or photography or something. BUT, I did get more serious about recycling at home and at work. That definitely counts.

I definitely got out and did things "I" wanted to do. One that I remember the most is going on a photography tour in Boston. I intended to go for all of them, but the summer slipped by faster than usual. I planned 2 trips to Vermont.

Lose weight? Awwwm, yeah. Well, I definitely worked on the issue for a few months, but lost my OOMPH by summer. Will be keeping that goal for 2009...and joining Weight Watchers!

Prepare to be back in school by August! Well, I was in school by July, actually and then went full steam ahead from September to December. 4 more classes to go!

New Resolutions coming soon as I make some up!

Be safe, Be healthy, be YOU!

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