Friday, March 13, 2009

Vaca Day 5

OMG! I slept like a baby last night! We're finally back into our bedroom, instead of the living room floor!

I got a ton of great stuff at IKEA yesterday, but I wasn't able to buy the bedroom furniture I wanted originally :( Our bedroom is way too small and the dressers were either too tall or too big, so I opted for a smaller one, same color (black-brown). I couldn't buy the bed frame, again it's because our room is too small. The frame adds an extra 3 inches all the way around to the already tight squeeze we have in the room. (I had sort of already came to terms with this the other day when I actually measured the room...but still had hope until I saw the beds in person!) I did buy the bedside stands though, which match the smaller dresser. All in all, I'm happy with what I got for to put it together!

I didn't get to buy curtains or curtain rods at IKEA, they were wiped out of rods, seriously. I opted to wait and go to Wal-Mart to see what they have. I got rods and some panel curtains, which after an hour of trying to get the rods hung and curtains washed, dried and hung...I HATE THEM! Off to buy something different today. I might even go to JoAnns and buy material and make my own curtains if I don't find anything good!

So, today I will work on the decor and share pics soon!

ALSO...I want to share a cool website that I find very inspiring! How About Orange - I love the daily posts and the color and design ideas. If you ever feel down and out, step into this blog and just look at the color and you're sure to feel much happier when leaving!

On a side note, this blogger shares a LOT of great ideas for books about crafts, DIY, etc. I am not a book collector and I try to avoid buying new books, as I seriously do not have the room for them, they collect dust, and are heavy to tote around. If I do want to buy it, it's probably because the library won't give me any more rental time on them, as there might be 5 people waiting on the list because the book is so good! I get all books at my local library first, when I can. If I find that the book is really good and something I can refer to in the future, I will try to buy a used copy and if all else fails, I make the dreaded trip to the bookstore.

My message here? UTILIZE YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY! Especially more now than ever when we can't afford to spend money where we don't have it!

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The Parsons Family said...

Ive been so flat out I rarely comment but I will today! Post some bedroom pics!!! Cant wait to see it all done up. I am so excited about your WW too. I bet you are feeling good. Keep it up! I have 4 weeks left of breast feeding (ROwan will be 1 then) and finally I can ditch some weight! I cant wait to make a little book with comments like "she lives 5 minutes out of Hobart". Cool book you made back then.... ok, enough waffle from me!!! xxxooo