Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vaca Day 6

After a long week of painting, rearranging, moving, shopping, and trying to put a bedroom back together, I present you with the semi-finished results! Of course as you might be able to see, Paul still needs to finish cutting in the dark brown to the light paint color on the right of the bed... (I am terrible with paint in the first place and sure as hell can't paint a straight line in a corner connecting 2 paint colors!!)

The next thing you'll notice is that I am yet to "decorate" the walls. I honestly was in no mood to go shopping today for a few things to decorate...maybe tomorrow or Monday. I made the 3 little pillows on the bed. I purchased the pillows at IKEA, then I bought material to cover them and I can change them anytime I want to. I painted the large light one, with the orange paint. Inspiration came from here as I was trying to work out curtain ideas.

Those curtains you see are $5 a panel at Target (I have 6 panels) and these were the 2nd set of curtains I bought. The first ones were SUPER UGLY and make the room look like a freakin' cappucino - they were tab top panel curtains which let no light in and they were khaki brown.

We still need to buy a headboard or make one. The original bed we were going to buy was too big for the room, and alone it's $209. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, I want the whole damn bed frame for $249.

I put together the bedside tables. They were super easy, really. I bought a dresser, too. Paul is yet to put it together...anyone want to place bets on how long it'll take for him to do that??

The lamps are from IKEA, too. We're trying to sell our 50" Plasma TV to buy a smaller LCD for the bedroom. Anyone interested in a great deal on a plasma tv? You don't see that honkin' tv in the room as it's inside on the right and no sense in taking a picture of the tv...but if you are interested in it (seriously), then I can certainly take pics.

OK, without further ado...

Bedroom After 1

Bedroom After 2

Bedroom After 3

Bedroom After 4

Then, I got a wild hair up my ass to update our bathroom. There was not much "style" in there until I found the hand soap pump, blue cup, and the shower curtain rings at Kmart. Then I found the great blue curtains at Target. I originally didn't buy the accessories until I went to Target and saw the curtains and then I went back to Kmart and got the accessories and the candles in the window! The blue really made my day! I LOVE Martha Stewart and I love her brown/blue color combos...funny... the accessories are Jacqueline Smith!

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

It took me over a year to get that bedroom done, Paul and I are so happy with the way it turned out! Not sure where I'll go with the decor. I might do a ton of black and white pictures with different frames on the inside right wall. It'll definitely be a work in progress!!!

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