Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes, I'm alive! Just busy!


Wanna see something very cool? I stop in at Sandy Krieger's blog (she has some of the best eye candy!) from time to time, and she posted pics of someone's wedding (Not sure who, but you gotta go check this out! What a FUN FUN FUN wedding reception and check out those colors!) Reception and Wedding Photos.

OH, btw...does anyone NOT see the background on my blog? It's a blue/black damask background. I can't see it from my iPhone, so I wonder if my iPhone just doesn't pick up the linked background or it's really not working. I see it, but temp files/cookies, yada yada might contribute to that.

Not a lot of excitement in my life as of late. I'm dreaming of warmer weather.

Finishing up the last DIGI class at Jessica Sprague - Digi In Deep. Will share my projects next week, when I get them all completed.

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~Kristen~ said...

Yup, I can see the background both on my PC at work and on my Mac at home. I love it!