Friday, April 3, 2009

April showers...

bring May flowers!

At least April is good for something!

Been super busy with school - being in school for my paralegal certificate is just like being in law school. The classes are taught by attorney's (and judges) and the work is hard. Interpretation and analysis of the law is not an easy task and definitely takes some getting used to and practice to learn all of this stuff.

Something wrong with my Smokie-Mokie. He has been super quiet (no meowing), passive and he's limping on one of his front paws and that leg is swollen. Paul said he laid in his basket all day yesterday and didn't move. I don't want to go feeling him all over and making him hurt, so I'm typing this as I am on hold with the vet to get him seen today. He's eating and moving around a little bit and is using the kitty-box, so that's good. He's 18 years old and has been in kidney failure for about 3 months though we have that under control and he is doing very well on his new diet and sub-q treatments 2x/week. He's even gained some weight! I hope it's maybe a sprain or something little because I can't afford to take any more big hits to my checkbook!

Back from the vet: It appears that Smokie may have dislocated his shoulder, or fell on it or hurt it somehow. We opted to wait 2 weeks to see how he does and will Xray it then. In the meantime, we'll watch to see if he gets better.

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Penny said...

Sending you a cyber hug and a gentle rub on his ears for Smokie.