Friday, October 23, 2009

I know. I know.

Paul and I got engaged on Columbus Day (October 12th)! We are so excited to plan our wedding. Date is set for 10/10/10. So far, that's all we've planned!

Sooooo, I meant to get back here sooner, but seriously...I've been, well...BUSY and LAZY of sorts!

On September 18th, I put in my notice to quit my job. Remember that I was managing group homes for developmentally disabled adults for the last 3.5 years. It was slowly killing me like arsenic in a fruitcake. (Nip/Tuck reference!) I felt so liberated to say "I'm done!" The stress I put myself under all that time was so unhealthy. I'm not perfect, never have been, never will be...but everything I did was done with the ultimate goal of perfection. It was killing me. In human services, there is no such thing as perfection. It's definitely not the career path I choose to move forward with.

I still currently work for the company, I just jumped into a direct care position, took a $5/hour paycut and am happy as a pig in mud! (This happiness may change after I get that first reduced paycheck!) No stress, I can sleep at night not having to worry about things, and I have some flexibility in my schedule where it used to be so uncertain day to day.

It's amazing how happy I am on my days off, now. I used to do NOTHING for 2 days to recoup from a hell week, and to go back to it in 2 days. I wouldn't go out, I was a homebody, I didn't clean, I literally sat in front of my computer for 2 days or at my craft table doing nothing. It's the weirdest feeling now. I feel so happy to have a day off, but I also want to clean and cook and do fun stuff! I think that now I just feel so much more free and I LIKE IT!

As you know, I've been going to school for the last 1.5 years for my Paralegal Certificate - I am so excited to get going in a law firm doing what I probably should have been doing YEARS AGO! I'm done this coming December with my last class. I've already been applying to get a paralegal job since this past summer - no luck yet! I did have one interview, got into the top 2 candidates and they hired the other person (I'm sure that that person had experience) but they said they'd keep me in mind if something came up in the future.

OK Chelsea! YES, I am excited about snow this year! First because I love snow...and we did get some last Sunday - maybe an inch. It was a fall Nor'easter that came through - not cold enough to stay and accumulate :( I also got new tires on my car yesterday and I am damn happy to be able to go places in the snow, because literally I've been on bald tires the last 2 years and I knew that if I didn't get those new tires on my car SOON, I was going to be stranded this winter!

OK, that's all for now....I have to head out to a training! I'll be back soon!

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~Kristen~ said...

I love that your date is 10/10/10!!! Congrats again!!! :-)