Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wedding venues.decisions.decisions.

OK family and friends, my friend Cynthia and I visited 2 places today for possible wedding reception venues. I've narrowed it down to these two and need to choose which one we want, like yesterday!

Option 1: Smith Barn, which is a part of the Peabody Historical Society in Peabody, MA. It's part of Brooksby Farms and is very pretty and country-like. The barn is red, it looks like it was part of a dairy or something back in the day. It was rustic inside, had all amenities like an already set up bar, modern bathrooms, white Xmas lights (I LOVE those!).

PROS: It's pretty, its rustic, cost includes bartender that is TIPS certified, licensed and insured. You don't have to have a DJ, you can bring your own music (but no sound system to tap into.)

CONS: $2500, can only get married 10/29/10 (Friday night!), use of facility is 5 hours only, must use their preferred caterers, can only get in 3 hours before to set up - basically you pay caterers to do the work for you and it would not seem that one can put their own "special touch" to it. Approx. 12 miles from our house. Pretty much your general wedding reception site that costs more so you are less stressed about the details.

Option 2: Rockport Golf Club, in Rockport, MA. This "rustic" place sits on top of a hill overlooking their golf course and the ocean. The scenery is beautiful. The foliage would be just right.

PROS: $1300, all of October is open next year so far (so we can play with the dates!), the cost includes the place all day and we can get in a day before to decorate, it has a gas fireplace, it has an open bar area, kitchen and loft as well as a large back porch area that has all windows looking out on the golf course and ocean. This place is a DIY girls' dream!!! You can bring in any caterer if you want, or cook yourself and you can bring in your own booze or you can hire a bartender. The options here are limitless.

CONS: The place needs cleaning! Rockport is about 35 miles North of where we live. I worry about people drinking and driving. Might have to hire transportation somehow.

Please look over the pictures by CLICKING HERE and share your thoughts on which places says Tanya & Paul!!!


Avin said...

Hi Tanya, i think the Rock Port one is good.

Wondering who is this guy. I was checking out the bloggers who had DJ Tiesto as a common fav is music section.

Found u. Just saw ur posts and thought y not i share my views :).

By the way, I am from India. Marriages in India will need much more bigger places and its not as simple as it happens in your place.

Gina said...

I agree! Rockport. Seems like you are more excited about that site. Plus the cons are really something you can live with. luv you T

Gina said...

oh and transportation costs are not that bad! Jeremiah and I got transportation for a 25 person bus For $50/ each way. I know that is vegas, but we checked with the company that the airport hires. They have such a surplus of buses that they are able to charge a lower rate. I would check with maybe a company like that in your area. It is called 'bells trans' over here. =)

~Kristen~ said...

Well, I am partial to Brooksby Farm because that is one of my most favorite places anywhere! But that fireplace in Rockport...hmmm, that could sway me. It is a tough decision. Both places have their advantages.

As fast as minibus transport for know I work for a livery company and we rent out buses for weddings. I can tell you most of the companies around here charge by the hour (anywhere from $75 - $130 per hour depending on the size of vehicle) then you have to add grat and fuel surcharges. Something to keep in mind.