Sunday, November 8, 2009

catching up

Forgive me for being behind in my postings, I'm tired and I'm working a lot! I also don't have access to wireless internet at work, so taking my netbook to work is pointless...and probably just as well.

Rockport is still the winner, only I am yet to sign the contract because they are rewriting the contract and until I see it, I'm not reserving the venue, just yet. It's only minor details that I need clarification on and then we can move forward.

Paul and I are having a tasting at Ipswich Clambake Co. this Wednesday. The folks over there are so awesome and I hope their food is as good as their service.

Wedding planning is well under way...We've got a vision and a theme that we are trying to work with and decide how we want to do things, etc.

Til then...

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