Thursday, December 10, 2009


Happy Holidays from Us!

If you didn't get a card from us; 1. I don't have your address or 2. I haven't sent them I thought I'd share our holiday card here, I just love these little caricature cards from!

I attended a scrapbook class this past fall and did the 12 Days of Christmas with Lynette Carroll. I just fell in love with this design of hers. I made one of these for me, then another for Paul's mom. We gave it to her today, she just loves it!

WINNER! WINNER! Paul walked straight into the nursery today and found this tree in our fave back corner (where we always find our fave trees) and said "this is the one."

We buy our tree at Northeast Nursery in Peabody, MA every year. They are so wonderful and nice to us, this year they offered a $25 discount to us off any tree! our new beauty cost us $30! Amazing, huh! I love snapping photos at their nursery this time of year, so cool over there!

Alright, so here she is, naked.

Finished with a "Woodsy" Santa on top!

Decor includes white lights, Martha Stewart ornaments, brown ribbon, gold icicles, real pinecones, glittery apples and pears and other glittery things that I shoved in the tree! When I finished, Paul says "it looks very organic." I liked that. Organic. I didn't intend to get a woodsy, organic tree, it kind of just happened!


~Kristen~ said...

Fabulous photos!!!

Girl, I can't believe you got TWO of those collages done!!! I haven't even finished my one from the class!!!

LOVE the card! The caricature idea is great!

And your tree?!?! I am so loving your tree!!! I live right down the street from Northeast Nursery. I need to go there more!!!

The Parsons Family said...

ohhhhhhh its divine! I wish we had winter christmases! We have a plastic tree, a real one would be all dried up by now! And Im having fun re putting the decorations on almost every day thanks to the littlest hands here!!! Enjoy those tree smells! xox