Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yes, I make most of my backgrounds for my blog. I have mad digi skillz! You were going to ask that, right? Need something? Hollar!

I meant to get back here yesterday to post more stuff. Our internet was out for most of the afternoon. I went off to my eye appt. and did a little shopping over at the mall - got a new scarf and Relic wallet (I know someone who might be impressed that I bought one!) I also picked up my yearly supply of flip flops over at Old Navy (anyone else notice that they aren't as comfy anymore and are not really made for wide feet? Eh, whattya gonna do for $2.50 a pair? I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a metal water bottle, too. I buy far too many plastic bottles, I reuse them and I'm told that we should NOT do so?

Whattya think Penny?

So, my eye exam went fine. For the first time in, ohhhhhh...the 8 years I have worn glasses, I let the Dr. do the puff on my eyes to check for glaucoma. I've always been scared to death of that part of the exam, a close second is the eyedrops and eye dilation. I asked him to puff my eyelid first, so I could feel what it was like. He liked my idea and said he'd never thought of doing that first for people who were nervous about the puff of air! I lived to tell you about it!

Paul's mom's birthday is tomorrow (83 and she walks circles around ME!) and I made her a little something special. Ever since I learned how to layer things with foam tape, I have been addicted! Check it out! (She loves my little creations!)

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