Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Name change!

Hi all! (Does anyone come here anymore?) I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, considering I've been MIA for months! (It's Facebook's fault!)

Well, I'm back and trying to change some things up a bit. Note the name change from Mindless Clutter to Confessions of a Gemini... I'm hardly mindless and I do not live with clutter, so confessions of a Gemini is so much more fitting. I'm definitely a Gemini and if you stick around long enough, I might share some confessions! LMAO!

I was going to start a whole new blog for the new title and then decided not to. The old blog is still who I am. No need to change it. Just change the name!

I am going to be posting new things and inspirations, talk to you about my new books I am authoring, maybe I'll share SOME wedding details (I've been keeping things really secret, so as to surprise everyone) and I also plan to get back to my photography (my camera is about to disown me!!)

The only major change here is that I had to enable comment moderation and using that word verification option. While I was away, I used to get hundreds of comments on the last post I had that were crazy weird SPAM messages. Bare with me, okay!

Right now I have to hustle out of here to my eye appt. - I ♥ new glasses! My headaches are starting to worsen to a daily *minor* throbbing...has been (on and off) for a few months. It's time to get my eyes checked!

EYE will be back with my list of 11 things do do before I turn 38. Why 38 you say? Well 3 + 8 = 11, so it seems logical!

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Penny said...

Welcome back. I've been checking frequently.