Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Humbling Experience

I've worked for my organization, Riverside Community Care, for 4 years now and it wasn't until last night, that I've had such a humbling experience about the organization I work for and the people we support. We have about 1,200 employees and we serve and support over 15,000 people in many different avenues of life.

For the first time in 4 years, I attended our Annual Appreciation Evening. One of the individuals that I work with received an award for his outstanding achievements over the last 3 years. Also, one of our Psychologist Clinicians that works with our guys received a Friends of Riverside Award for his outstanding work with our programs.

I, for the first time, saw what an incredible organization I work for. Our CEO is one of the coolest President's around, he knows just about everyone by name and always says HI and visits meetings to say HI. He's been around since the beginning, he is a strong advocate for our organization and the folks we serve as well as the people who work there.

If you didn't go to ceremony's like this, you may not know the caliber of what we do, because you get stuck in your little niche where you work and you're usually so busy you literally do not get out to see what the whole company does.

I'm proud to work for such a dedicated organization, who truly cares about the people we serve and never backs down to a challenge to grow and move forward in a positive light. It was grand to hear other vendors talk about how Riverside has helped them and always said yes, when no might have been easier!

I've had my share of ups and downs with my job. More positive than negative...but at the end of the day, I'm proud to work here, I'm proud of the people I work with.

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