Monday, April 5, 2010

Kickass Cupcakes

I worked on Easter, and it was just me and one of my individuals for the whole day. We had lunch and then I decided that we needed to head into Somerville and go to Kickass Cupcakes to get us an Easter cupcake! I got one of the most DELISH carrot cake cupcakes with a lovely light and fluffy cream cheese frosting. It was really awesome! My buddy got a chocolate cupcake with a dark chocolate frosting, I didn't get to taste it, but it sure looked YUMM-O! I highly recommend going there if you live in the area. OH YEAH - and how bout them Red Sox?


~Kristen~ said...

They make the best cupcakes there!!! Unfortunately I don't get to Somerville often to have them. Well, thinking about it now, it is probably FORTUNATE...for my ass! :-)

Tanya said...

LOL Kristen! I felt good about eating one, it was small. Maybe that's guilt free eating?