Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Job

Started my new job yesterday. It was mostly what I expected it to be and there was a lot of things I didn't expect. It comes with the territory of a new job. I continue to work for my same employer, which helped me be less nervous, since I know the usual customs, routines, etc.

Traffic stinks in the worst way, but I might have to get creative with getting home another way. While I only live like 11-12 miles from work, I go through a chunk of road that is congested with traffic - that likely would make my blood boil if I had to sit in that everyday, but I don't. There is only one weekday that I leave work at 6pm, which is at its worst.

I said to myself that I needed to use this "opportunity of traffic" to go to the gym on the North Shore, where there is a lot less traffic headed up and no traffic headed home!


Penny said...

What route do you take?

Anonymous said...

Route 16, Mystic Valley Pkwy, Concord Tpke, then Im in Belmont....