Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Wednesday doesn't seem to be my day to get my wedding posts out... (are you sick of them yet?) Might have to change this to Wedding Friday or Saturday or something! Long week, new job, sleep patterns & routines in a muck..I'm sure you understand!

On with the show! I'm making a few wedding inspiration collages with photo ideas that inspire me! Since I am making a scrapbook for the wedding planning, I feel it's important to save the ideas that will shape how our wedding/reception will eventually turn out!

I have a few FAVORITE blogs/websites that I drool over pretty much daily and I save pictures for ideas & inspiration that I might incorporate into our wedding & reception (MANY ideas will not make the final cut, but I am attracted to the eye candy anyways!). The unfortunate part is, I don't always remember where I saved the pictures from. Next week, I'll post the blogs that inspire me.

Next week, I'll post the blogs that inspire me.

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