Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My best little buddy!

Smokie and I have been best friends for as long as I remember. He was approx. 1 year old when my (now ex) sister-in-law found him abandoned in a trailer on some land they were purchasing back around May 1992 in Kansas. He was ragged, dehydrated, hungry and an overall mess. We took him in and gave him a forever home!

Smokie was such a good kitty, the vet said he was about a year old, so I celebrate his birthday with mine. He just turned 19 years old this past weekend, I celebrated by giving him a can of tuna - his favorite!

I remember one time, I was a HORRIBLE mother. Smokie was about 3, we were still living in Kansas (Smokie has lived in KS, NM, MI and MA) and it was snowing outside. Smokie loved to eat the snow, so I let him play in it in the front of the door. My other half, at the time complained that it was too cold outside, to shut the door. I did!! I thought, "I'll let Smokie play for a few minutes." I went to bed and forgot all about him.

3 days later, we found him hiding in the culvert by the creek. He wouldn't come home, he was scared. He wouldn't come out of the culvert. My other half eventually crawled into the culvert to get him and Smokie jetted off through these underground water drains and went to another one. I ran home, got a can of tuna, opened up the manhole and he came right up.

I've never ever felt so bad in my entire life than those 3-4 days when Smokie wouldn't come home in the snow and I thought I had lost him forever. Since then, I have never ever let him outside without being by my side. He has also NEVER ever tried to run off.

He is by far the most loyal and loving cat I've ever had!

Happy 19th my dear friend! You're the best!

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