Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Wedding Wednesday Thursday
(My internet has been out since Monday, I've been quite peeved, and even now, our original internet is still out (Verizon). We've decided to dump Verizon and we went with Comcast. The wire isn't long enough to go to my PC, so I'm working off my netbook on wireless until tomorrow...GRRRRRRRRRRR!)


Invitation list complete  ✔
Design invites + RSVP cards ✔
Buy mailing envelopes + RSVP envelopes ✔
Cardstock for invites, cut, fold, and corners rounded ✔
Envelope liners for large envelopes traced and cut ✔
Address labels designed and ordered ✔
Cardstock paper ordered for invite ✔
Print invites @ Staples
Print RSVP cards @ Staples
Assemble invites with a special touch
Address invites
Mail invites

As you can see, there is still quite a bit to do, but I got what I could out of the way so that when assembly time comes, I won't feel overwhelmed! I think I started to design these invites before the holidays. Originally the colors were black, cream and red. Changed my mind once Pantone came out with their 2010 Fall fashion color report. I saw that Golden Glow and Oyster Gray and that was when I fell in love with a new color palette! I've changed the hues of each color a bit to represent a darker gray and a little less orangy yellow.

I'll share pictures of the invites in June when they are all completed - You'll {love} them!!

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