Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anticipating Changes

I'm winding down the next 10 days as I finish up working in one division and moving on to another. For the past 4 years I've worked with individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities. I will now venture on to working with individuals with brain injuries in the next week and a half. Same company. Different division of sorts. Different atmosphere. Different people. Different location. In a lot of ways things will be the same and in a lot of ways things will be different. I'm definitely up for the challenge.

I'm anticipating a schedule change from what is now Fri-Tues to what will be Sun-Thurs. I'm used to working 2nd shift and all day Sundays and now will work a relatively normal schedule of 10a-6a Sun + Tuesday and 7a-3p Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not a morning person, really. I'd like to think that I'll like getting up at 545am and be out the door by 6:20am 3 days of the week, it will definitely take some getting used to.

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