Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

I present to you, the wedding color palette! I carry around a swatch of the colors (papers for invites, menu, & programs) at all times in case I find something and am not quite sure if it's the right *color* - mostly the gold color is the culprit since I think that I can match black and gray with my eyes closed.

I'm headed over to the caterer today to look at linens again (for the tables at the reception). I'm bringing my swatches, just in case!

I'm concentrating on getting some of the table decor settled - if I can get the linens picked out, I think I can move on to the actual centerpieces and call it good (and STOP spending HOURS upon HOURS looking at wedding blogs and websites OOHING and AHHING over too much eye candy!) I am definitely on sensory O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D!

Next up is meeting with the church's wedding coordinator (she sounds 70+) I already have a sense that she gets "too much say" in how things will be, gauging from our first conversation. Paul has reminded me that this is in fact the family church, so I have to be NICE! Nice only goes so far when you pay for something and you can't get what you want. We have a vision for the church ceremony and how we want things to be and I am praying that the coordinator goes with the flow and let's us do what we want to do. When we meet with her, I'll get pictures of the church. It looks like a ski lodge!

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