Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Dresses

Today kicks off the start of wedding dress shopping! While I am sure that this is like the BEST part for most brides, it's the most dreaded part for me. I'm plus-sized, I don't "dress-up" much, I'm not that girly-girl kind of gal. I'm no tomboy either, but I consider myself to be a minimalist! I'm also white as a ghost!

I'm starting at David's Bridal so that I can get a sense of what might look good, what style is right for me, etc. Whether or not I buy my dress there is to be determined later. I have my eye on a few dresses online, and I can't determine of they would even be a fit for me until I try on some dresses.

My criteria is mainly that I get something with straps or halter-like. No strapless, no trains, nothing too long and preferably not white and no veils.
Here are some of my more favorite "styles" of dresses...

Dress #1: the one I absolutely LOVE the most!
Dress #2: Cool 50's diner style dress, I think it's cool - don't judge the black!
Dress #3: Love the layering of the chiffon, it's minimal and simple. I'd add bling to it.
Dress #4: Another minimal dress, elegant and pretty, not too over the top
Dress #5: This was one of the first I found online, it's a little long though
Dress #6: OOOH, I ♥ the gray! Little too short, I think. I don't know. I'd wear it!
Dress #7: Again, minimalist.


~Kristen~ said...

You know when you first mentioned that you didn't want to wear white or ivory I immediately thought of a soft gray! It would look so pretty if you had a small bouquet of buttery yellow flowers, or even sunflowers or fallish orangey-gold flowers! I love almost all of those dresses!

~Kristen~ said...

The only ones I am iffy on are #5 and #7.

Tanya said...

5 was one of the first ones I found, it's pretty, but there something about it that just doesn't talk to me, ya know? 7 is is most definitely a no go, but the minimalist style is ok.