Monday, June 28, 2010

Awwww, my little old man!

Smokie has been back home with us since last Wednesday June 23. I was running late getting home from work and I called Paul to drive over to the vet office to get him before they closed. I needed him back home with us in the worst say. I felt a considerable amount of inner peace when I got home. The inner peace I had been needing since June 11th.

Today is the first day I opened up the picture folder, to look at all of the pictures I took of Smokie in the last few months. I even made it through a couple of videos! Smokie wasn't much of a camera fan and because of that, I've probably got less than 20 or so kick-ass-prize-winning pictures of him. The rest I love too, because I embrace imperfection and love the imperfect ones anyway!

The pictures below are mostly from 2010. Smokie was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in February.  He's also lived with kidney failure for the past year and a half.

1. Smokie chillin' with Aunty Natasha
2. Chillin' in the living room
3. Chillin' in the living room
4. Hoggin' the bed
5. Peek-a-Boo!
6. In his own Island Oasis
7. Bed Hog
8. In the warm sun
9. In the warm sun, again!
10. Eating treats while getting his Sub-Q treatments 2x/week
11. June 10 - Mr. cranky pants!
12. June 10 - hating the camera!
13. June 10
14. With Mama June 11, kisses and hugs
15. With Mama June 11, kisses and hugs
16. With Mama June 11, kisses and hugs
17. Remembering Smokie, everyday.
18. Rest In Peace, Smokie. You are so missed! June 23


 Rest in Peace my little old man! Abigail misses you, so does Paul. You will never be forgotten. We had a grand life together, yes we did!

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~Kristen~ said...

I love the pictures of Smokie, even the "imperfect" ones!!!