Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Little Details

Invites are out! I have a few left to hand deliver and that's it. I decided to go the route of personally delivering the local invites to friends and family to give them one last added personal touch. The other, quite save a little on postage. Once I get all of the invites out, I will share my process for making them. I have collage pictures all made up that show the details put into the invites.

I ordered a new pair of eyeglasses last week. Right now, I'm wearing my big old plastic purple frames (YES! A Twilight induced decision!) and I could never wear them at our wedding because they are not suitable! They should be in tomorrow and I intend to start wearing them right away, actually. I ordered a pair of semi-rimless frames that have a tiny bit of bling on the side. The goal was to still be able to wear glasses, but wear a pair that seemed to barely be there, and a pair that would blend in with the wedding theme a bit more. I could never wear contacts, and I won't even try. I actually love wearing glasses and I own a lot of frames. Me and Danny Gokey are tight!

We met with the church coordinator on Monday. We picked the ceremony details and the music. We also set the wedding rehearsal date. Paul and I asked two of his nieces to help pass out wedding programs and then we're waiting on 2 friends of ours to do readings during the ceremony. We also need to ask 1 person to help us with the wireless video feed through our laptop that will stream online as our wedding is broadcasted LIVE! to our out-of-town friends! Super fun, right!

I've looked for Unity candles. Everything looks so cheesy! I think I'm going to attempt to personalize our candles. If it doesn't work out, no stress. We buy a set and call it good.

Speaking of stress...I'm dealing with a little bit of drama surrounding what I/we should and shouldn't do with our wedding, reception and other facets of whole process. I'm getting it from different angles and different people. I'm not a person to do what others do, because I am me and I like things different and I like to personalize everything I do. Those who know me, know that I have a vision for just about everything - whether it be home, work, weddings, parties, birthdays,  etc. I am sentimental, yet not very traditional. I've said it all along. I want people to come to our wedding and say "Wow! This is so Tanya & Paul" - no rules - no stress!

I have 4 goals for our wedding day.
  • Have all financial obligations taken care of the week before the wedding
  • Decorate the reception hall the day before
  • Do nothing on our wedding day except, get dolled up, get married and celebrate!
  • Start on time and NO CRYING!
*I'm wearing flip-flops under my dress! HA!
*We do not have a maid of honor nor do we have a best man. As far as I am concerned, all of the *bridesmaids are maids of honors and all of the groomsmen are best men!
*All of the men will be dressed alike, with matching ties! I love it!
*All of the bridesmaids are wearing black and will not match! I love it!
*I've stopped looking at wedding blogs, websites and magazines. I am on wedding overload and every time I see something I like, I want to use the concept. This pattern could go on and on, so I have stopped looking. I already have a plan, I'm going with it.
*We are live streaming our wedding ceremony via UStream for our out-of-town friends! (We will share the link later when we get it set up)
*Did you know I don't really care for real flowers? I'm still trying to figure out whether or not to get some for bouquets and boutonnieres...Stay tuned for that one!
*Did you know that I purchased 35 pumpkins, 12 gourds, a bunch of table topper/candle holders and 120 stems of Gerber daisies last year after Halloween for the wedding? Well, we're not using any of it, now! We've changed the theme of the wedding a couple different times since then. I'm hoping to find a bride in the area that needs that kind of decor and sell everything.

It's a beautiful day. I'm going to go out and enjoy it! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


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~Kristen~ said...

Everything sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to see it all come together!!! And I gotta say I *LOVE* that you are doing your own thing and sticking to your vision! Rock on sista!!!