Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What a day I have had! I decided to go check out Michael's to see what I might be able to buy for decorations for our wedding. Can I just say that I LOVE 90% OFF?!?!? We are having a "Fall" themed wedding and I've been pondering pumpkins on the tables with some tealights (battery operated of course) and fall colored flowers, etc. I think we'll need to decorate 10 tables or so + the wedding party table and the rest of the decor around the hall. I want our guests to take home the decor since it'll be right before Halloween time and Thanksgiving.

35 Pumpkins
12 Gourds
15 tabletop Acorn and Pumpkin candle holders
100+ fall colored Gerber Daisy's
other fall colored stuff like some ribbon and rafia...

You ready for this?
Grand Total: About $75

SO SO SO SO thankful that I had some extra cash to spend and that I found a great deal on most of the decor. Here is where the inspiration comes from:

I envision some spray painted pumpkins, add flowers and some broken branches.

Here is the carts full of pumpkins (4 carts!) I went back in to Michael's 3 times and kept buying more and more stuff! My car and trunk was stuffed so full!

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