Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi Sweet Boy!

Sorry I have been sporadic in posting, I've been working a lot this week. Seems I am making up for missing work last Sunday. It's my Friday tomorrow and then we can talk as much as we want to, this weekend! (The Celtics lost last night - The Lakers handed their asses to them. Let's root root root for the home team tomorrow night, for the final game!)

We've received a couple of cards, since your passing. My staff signed a card and sent along a prayer, a card from Dr. Olga and her staff at the vet office and Kathy was nice to leave a card behind after a quick visit at the house. Here is the prayer:

A Prayer of Comfort

Thank you for your love
and all your special care.
In your hands, I never had to worry
for you were always there.

Up here in Pet Heaven
although I jump and play,
I miss what I had with you
as it was special in every way.

I will keep watch over you
as I romp and roam.
This place is really wonderful
much like our loving home.


I continue to shed plenty of tears, but I've also started to find time to celebrate your life. You will be back home next Wednesday. I have a special place for you! I have some other little surprises, too! I haven't been able to watch the videos or look at the pictures yet, but in time, I will.

Some people might think that I'm a bit on the coo-coo side, talking to you through my blog and all. My friend Penny, she talks to her daughter PJ. I just think it is SO AWESOME! I find it to be healthy that we talk - it doesn't matter how we do it either.

Wedding Wednesday will resume when I have something to talk about other than invites! Which happens to be the ONLY thing I have been working on as of lately!


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~Kristen~ said...

You are so not coo-coo!!! And if anyone thinks that, screw 'em! They obviously never knew the pure unconditional love and joy our pets give us. I lost my precious German Shepherd 8 years ago. I have his ashes at home and I still touch the box and talk to him every single day. Every. Single. Day. And I know I always will.

That is a beautiful poem you posted, too. And I believe it is true! xoxo