Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Well, it isn't Wednesday, it's EARLY Thursday morning - I just watched the Celtics lose by 4 points to the Lakers in the 7th game of The Finals. Eh, it is what it is. I won't lose sleep over it. Except right now, I'm awake and not sleeping, so maybe I am?

Paul and I are meeting with the church coordinator next Friday to talk about our church ceremony. I already have a bad taste in my mouth about the coordinator for 1. she was super rude when I called her 3 months ago to touch base 2. I've been told (by both of Paul's nieces) she is a "traditional-stickler" and wants to do things her way and 3. I got a phone call yesterday from a carpet cleaning place, whom I was referred by her, that I have a gift certificate waiting for me to have my carpet cleaned or hard wood floors done. I. WAS. LIVID!

We have some ideas about how we'd like our ceremony to go (aesthetics, mostly), nothing that will make a religious ceremony invalid and we are certainly willing to keep the music liturgically correct (as she will put it). I can handle difficult people, especially when I am paying for a service. BUT the referral, and using my personal name and telephone number is above and beyond my level of acceptable and I will be speaking with her about it (after we finalize the plans, of course).

Invites are getting ready to go out in a couple weeks. I've been working on them everyday - 10 here, 10 there, 10 here, 10 there...I have about 30 left to go, I think. I've been taking photos of the process - which has been pretty fun!

It dawned on me last Friday, as I was spending my final day with Smokie...that our wedding colors are the color of his gray coat and the goldenrod color of his eyes! A-MAZING! It's a sign, and I'll take it!

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