Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oompa Loompa...

I need to find a new cat food for Abigail as I don't like to feed her the cheap stuff with a ton of preservatives and other junk in it, and I wanted to look and see what Petco and Petsmart carried before I ran over to the specialty store in Wakefield. She probably doesn't prefer your special diet food, it's just about gone anyways.

Paul and I got this great idea to also check out fish tanks (thinking of getting back in the saltwater hobby) and we stopped at Petco first. Being at Petco didn't phase me one bit, we looked at the fish tank kits and then walked out. I forgot to look at the cat food. DUH!

Got to Petsmart, walked over to the fish tanks, checked them out and on our way to the cat food section, there was the adoption center for cats. There were 4 cats, cute as can be. One was there because she had been burned by something on her neck and the owner could no longer care for her. I started to tear up and knew I needed to walk away. I know they will get good homes, that wasn't the point. I don't even know what the point was, I just got super emotional.

I made it to the cat food aisle and we looked at some cat foods and before I knew it, I needed to just get out of the store. I bawled the whole way out.

I recovered. I'm fine. Something just got the best of me. That's ok because you can get the best of me anytime you want!


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