Saturday, November 27, 2010

As promised!

Visit HERE if you would like to see all of our wedding photos and the ceremony (not sure if the sound is working yet or not - the reason I am late posting this!) - I like Shutterfly's share sites because I can use THEIR storage space for photos rather than mine! It's a nice little design space! Check it out and join as a member if you already have a Shutterfly account. ALSO, you can order pics from there if you like as well.

If you click on pictures and videos, it will take you to the different photo albums I put together for different aspects of the wedding process. One cool thing is on the right hand side, you can see 2 photo books I made with photos.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - we spent the day with Paul's family and we made a ton of food, ate a ton of food and felt like 2 tons afterwards! It was great though and I loved every minute of it!

I also want to share that Paul and I adopted a new cat. I had been looking for a Persian cat that was adoptable through a shelter and I had been looking for a few weeks now. I found Wilamena, our new addition to our family this past week. It truly was a great Thanksgiving to me and I am ever so thankful that I found her. She is the sweetest little girl! Here is a good picture I got of her yesterday. I'll have more, for sure!

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