Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Knowing: Food + Planning

Knowing where failure comes from, I think is the easy part. Making the change because of it is the challenge.

In my efforts to be truthful to myself about weight loss, I'm putting it all out there for people to see. I know my audience listens and offers support (if there is anyone left, that is, considering I've fallen off the blog wagon quite some time ago! I'm making a comeback!)

My biggest reasons I fail is I don't embrace my time wisely enough to plan ahead, throw in that I work an average 55+ hours a week, and if left to my husband, we'd eat cold cuts, white bread, popsicles, pizza and chinese every night for the most part! I'm not saying he can't cook. He's in the same boat as me, but fails to have a take charge attitude. I find that I feel like I am the one that holds the weight of the problem on my shoulders, sometimes. Planning, shopping and cooking. My husband is a fantastic man, but he does in fact lack in the planning ahead department. (PS: I'm in quite a funk today, I'm quite aware that it is indeed shining through in my writing - it's OK)

Simply put, planning ahead means we utilize a menu to follow, then go shopping for needed items. Not that hard to do, right!?! It's the one thing that causes me the most grief. I like grocery shopping, but carrying groceries up 3 flights of stairs is my biggest complaint. I just hate doing it. So, I shop for a few days at a time, which in the end costs more money and then when I don't want to go shopping, it doesn't get done and I will most likely fall off the wagon by eating something in the house or we order out.

Listen, I've written the book on excuses. I have more excuses than I care to admit. What I have here are excuses, really. I need to find a way to ditch the excuse and find a way to just do it. Make the time to plan, shop and prepare for the week and find the motivation to keep moving forward.

My plan of attack this week is to make a menu, make a grocery list, go shopping, and plan ahead. ALSO, blog about it!

COMING NEXT: "Knowing: Exercise + Moving More"

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