Monday, November 5, 2007

Post #2 for today with great news!

OK, so I finally got the ditty on the area of suspicion on my right breast (separate from my cancer) that caused the big hype and concern...after much review, it was found that it is a lymph node. "Ode to the Lymph Node, how shortly I knew thee..."

I met with my Radiation Oncologist today, he is super cool. We talked about radiation and what to expect and all that good stuff. I should be starting Radiation next week, given that we get all the preliminary work done this week. 33 treatments. Monday-Friday - should end around Christmas week.

I want to tell you all something really cool. In the midst of all of this, I have made new friends. Friends who are just a blessing. Friends who care and understand and make me feel good about myself, no matter what. I had to go to Walmart today after my appt, but as I was headed that direction, I called my friend Penny to tell her the good news about the results and that this is not a major setback, even though the last week was the slowest week evah! Anyways, would you believe that she and her wonderful husband Dave, came to Walmart to hug me and we shopped together! Such a great friend! Love you girl! Thank you so much!


Julie e. said...

Hi Sweetie! You are such an inspiration! I'm so happy that you're my friend. I wish I lived closer...I'm sending you a virtual hug! :)

The Parsons Family said...

Ohhh man, phew!!!!! Sorry I havent checked up on you in a while... in the midst of packing here... but I am thinking of you alot!