Monday, November 5, 2007

Thankful - A 30 Day Journey - Join me?

I meant to start this November 1 and ask everyone to play along with their daily blogging - time snuck by and while it is indeed 5 days past November 1, it's never too late to be thankful and it's ok to go back and start a running list ( i had to!!)! Post a comment if you are participating along with a link to your blog (if you want to) and at the end of November, for all that participate, I will throw everyone's name in a hat and pick a winner at the end of the month for a coolness prize for being THANKFUL along with me! Pass this on to your friends! And for all you scrapbook folks...this could be a fun way to make a "Thankful" album!!

November 1 - Thankful for the most important person in my life (besides my cat) - Paul! I LOVE YOU BABE!

November 2 - Thankful for this time of year. I love the fall, I love that the holidays are coming - which is odd, because I am normally the anti-holiday grump - but I've rearranged my priorities and appreciate all that it has to offer.

November 3 - Thankful that 2 of my very dear friends celebrate 13 years of marriage today! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY K & K!!!

November 4 - Thankful today for spending the afternoon with our friends, eating dinner around a large table and hanging out to watch the football game afterwards, together! Love that!

November 5 - OK, I am not thankful that my new iPhone just arrived a few short hours ago, and I am not thankful that I stalked the FedEx tracking page to see if it were indeed coming today...But I am thankful that I have life, breath and clothes on my body, a car to go to work in and a job taking care of others, so that I can take care of me, the way I see fit.



Penny said...

I'm in! I'll start it now.

Julie E. said...

Sounds like fun...I think I need a blog! :)