Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat Wave Day 4 and NSC Days 9 & 10...

Oh man, today is going to be a doozy out there! This is day 4 of our heat wave this summer. 96* they project for today, but I live right near the coast so it's likely that it might be a tad cooler, but I work up north and nowhere near the coast so it's deemed to be even hotter! YUCK!

2 of my most favorite people ever, Merle and Jeri had been vacationing New England and visited their family in Western Massachusetts this week and I got a chance to see them yesterday for a few hours before they headed up to ME, NH and VT. We met in Clovis, NM when I worked at Red Lobster and we've been friends ever since! They reside in TX now, it's been 4 years since I've seen them last. We had a great time catching up yesterday!

Made some fun Father's Day books for my dad and step dad this year. In early may, I had gone on a PhotoWalk tour of Boston's Back Bay and I printed out the pictures and made a handmade book for my Dads! I also made their Father's Day cards digitally this year, too! Here are the pics:

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