Saturday, November 15, 2008

been awhile, huh?!

I have been so busy between school, work and the itty bitty thing I call life (which is the very little bit of time I am not thinking about work and school!)

I sit here every morning, thinking to myself that I should blog about "something today" and I wander off to reading my fave blogs and the news and I hadn't really had much to talk about unless I wanted to write about the constant bitching I've been doing lately.

Been going through my seasonal rut - it's the mode I go into from the time that it's apparent that Fall is over and Winter is definitely coming, but the holidays are still coming, too. I suppose that this year may be a little more amplified due to school and the responsibilities that come with it. I will not lie when I say that school is SO HARD! I'm definitely cracking under pressure. One more month to more month to go...

I was thrown a couple curve balls earlier this past week and another one yesterday. (I say curve ball because I wasn't currently seeking a job change) The first curve ball is that I have a job interview Monday for an office manager position in Malden (a couple miles from my house). This interview came through a friend/co-worker of mine who does the medical billing at this office and suggested me as a possible applicant. The cool thing is that I already worked at this office for a short period of time this past summer doing demographics when they switched over from one medical records program to another. It's no lie that the extra income potential comes with the stress of this office...I've seen it first hand...'s an opportunity to make extra $$ and gain experience.

The second curveball is that my current boss offered me a smaller raise to take on another group home and run 2 of them at the same time. There were other perks, but...I think that the stress of running one group home is too much for me, let alone 2 homes.

Nothing else really new...just been in the dumps and feeling the pressure of expectations.


Penny said...

...the pressure of expectations..." what an amazingly wonderful choice or words. I may quote you. Sounds like you have you head full. I think breakfast is in order... sometime soon? We're off to Pittsburgh next weekend for a wedding. Maybe after that? XOXOX

Gawain said...

Hey girl! I feel for you, I've got those mid-November blahs and burnout as well. Keep the faith, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Miss you! :-)

psst...hi Penny!