Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh my dear... I have neglected you so! Bloggie, I'm so sorry! Life's been busy!

A lot has been happening with Team Amato for the last month, So much in fact, that I have not had a lot of spare time (well, I have a ton of spare time really. It's what I do with that spare time that makes me feel busy!) to post here on all the exciting wedding planning! I'm also trying to leave a lot of surprises!

I've accomplished a lot since my last Wedding Wednesday post, today is actually Saturday. 5 weeks to be exact, to our wedding - 35 days! WOAH!

We've had a couple minor changes with the wedding party. Two of my bridesmaids could not commit to being here due to being in school. Things came up, I understand school and the commitment it requires. But it all worked out when I talked to 2 other friends who were more than welcome to step in, even though it's late in the game. So welcome Amber and Kathy! YEAH!!!!

Let's see, what else is new? Well, we're ready! Photographer comes this Tuesday to meet with Paul and I about pictures, and we're visiting the church and the venue to look at lighting. Paul and I will also get a last glance at the venue to see what we need to be prepared for as well.

My dress is altered (it was still too big and we had to take it in, in a few places) and I get it back in 2 weeks. Paul has his suit. Ties are here.

I made our Unity Candles, we ordered Paul's ring, decor for the church is ready. 2 of my bridesmaids are doing readings at the ceremony and I made each of them a pretty folder to carry up to do their reading. I'm finishing up the reception decor and the ceremony programs here in the next couple of weeks. We'll have pre-printed cards on the tables for guests to write us messages and a blessing.

We each have a date with our friends for little get-together's. Paul and his groomsman and friends are going out on Sept. 25th to Boston for a guy's night out. The girls and I are hanging in at my house on the same night with a get-together of our own. (I prefer NOT to go out for a Bachelorette party - I don't like that kind of thing) I plan to make cupcakes, rent a couple chicky flicks, take lots of pictures and I have special presents for the girls.

Paul got engraved flasks for the guys, I got purses, jewelry and a mani/pedi night for the girls.

We can't wait for our special day - I'm already emotional. I don't want to cry, although I will. I want to capture every essence of the wedding. I have done well with capturing all of the pre-wedding planning and stuff, I have pictures of almost everything and a story to tell with it.

Here are some sneak peaks of what's to come!

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